Atlanta Falcons PSL Information, Price Chart, FAQs

PSL Information

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Learn more about a PSL and it's benefits:

-What is a PSL?

"PSL" stands for Personal Seat License. The license grants you ownership of a particular seat or seat(s) within Mercedes-Benz Stadium, and grants you access to purchase Falcons season tickets.

-What are the benefits of owning a PSL?

All Falcons Season Ticket Members own a PSL. As a Season Ticket Member, you will have 365 access to your favorite team. Season Tickets Members receive entrance into complimentary member-only events with the Falcons (including photo opportunities and interviews with players and coaches), exclusive digital content, a year-round discount on Falcons merchandise and first access to playoff tickets. Season Ticket Members also receive year-round benefits including presale access to stadium events such as concerts, college football games and more before the general public. *Access varies by membership type. Please see chart above for more information.

-Can I buy Falcons season tickets without purchasing a PSL?

No. In order to purchase Falcons season tickets, you must also purchase a PSL.

-When does my PSL expire?

Your PSL ownership will continue as long as the Falcons are playing in Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

-Do I have to stay in the same seating location for the duration of my contract?

Before each season, members who have paid their PSL in full will have the option to upgrade to a new location.

-Can I add seats over the duration of my contract?

Yes, you may request to purchase additional seats before each season.

-Does my PSL include Atlanta United tickets?

No, Atlanta United tickets can be purchased separately. PSL owners receive presale access to Atlanta United matches.

-Why is there a PSL model in place?

PSL's have become very common with NFL teams that have built new stadiums. They offer fans the ability to have equity with their Season Ticket membership in the form of a seat license, that can be transferred or re-sold at any time.

-Is the PSL concept common throughout the NFL?

Yes. There are 16 NFL teams that currently sell some version of a PSL.

How much does a PSL cost and what payment/financing options are available:

-Is a PSL a one-time fee?

Yes, a PSL is a one-time per-seat fee. You can choose to pay in full or finance via a payment plan.

-What do I have to pay this year to become a Season Ticket Member?

Upfront payments vary based on seating location. Purchases of club seat PSL's or the $5,600 PSL require an upfront payment of 10% of the total PSL cost, plus the season ticket cost. For all other seats, an upfront payment of 20% of the total PSL cost, plus the season ticket payment is required. Please click here for more information.

-Is there a payment plan for my season tickets?

Yes, payment plans are available. If you have any questions, please call 470-341-4500 or email

-How are payment plans structured?

For season tickets this varies depending on when you purchase. Typical payment plans involve splitting your total into 3 or 4 equal monthly installment payments. If you have any questions, please call 470-341-4500 or email

-Can you still finance for over 10 years?

Financing is currently available over 7 years. If you have any questions, please call 470-341-4500 or email

-Can I transfer or resell my PSL?

Yes, as a PSL owner, you have the right to transfer your PSL to a member of your immediate family or to a third party. You also have the right to resell your PSL to a third party. The Atlanta Falcons have partnered with STR Marketplace to assist you with selling and/or transferring of your PSL.

-What happens if I want to take a year off from buying season tickets?

You must purchase season tickets each year to continue the benefits of owning a PSL. If you do not pay for season tickets, your account will be defaulted and you will be at risk for losing your seats.