2023 Summer Camps

Atlanta Falcons Summer Camps

The Atlanta Falcons Summer Camps offer young players the unique opportunity to learn new skills through the official Atlanta Falcons flag football curriculum and get closer to the team they love!

Camp Curriculum

We're doing more than just teaching kids to play football. Our coaches motivate campers through our reward points system, emphasizing leadership and teamwork, rather than just being the "best" player on a team. This year's curriculum provides fast-paced programming to keep campers continually active. Campers will engage in activities with their teammates while each player gets to focus on their own skill level. Campers learn the basics of football and then use those lessons to compete with their teammates in games and challenges. By providing choices throughout the day, campers will determine the position or skill in which they'd like to see improvement, feeling empowered to better themselves how they'd like to do so. The consistency of schedules helps campers know what to expect and when to expect it so they can give their all to playing the game. Expect your camper to be tired out at the end of the day, and excited to head back to camp the next day.


Young athletes perform best when they feel confident and comfortable. For that reason, we divide our camp into five age-appropriate levels. Each level teaches a unique set of skills and encourages its own degree of competition. This also ensures that campers get a new Falcons Summer Camps experience each year!

For our youngest campers, our focus is to create an enjoyable experience centered around the fundamentals of the game. Using competitions and fun-filled exercises, we aim to engage and excite them while also educating them on the wonderful game of football.

As campers progress beyond the beginner level, we look to reinforce the fundamentals while increasing the pace of drills. Our curriculum aims to use football to teach lifelong lessons that will translate to any sport or hobby your child decides to pursue in life.

For our more mature campers, we look to speed up the game. We increase the pace of play with unique, modified versions of the game – making it more exciting to keep campers more engaged from the first snap to the last snap.

As our oldest campers progress through the game, our coaching staff works to connect your child's passions with their desire to improve specific areas of their game or aspirations to master the intricacies of a new position on the field.


This year we are introducing skill levels to help us create a better experience for your camper(s) to feel challenged and develop their skills! This way, we can ensure all campers are having fun and enjoying the level of football they are playing.

Starting with Beginner level, these would be our campers that have little to no experience with the sport. If they have started playing within the last year and are still developing their skills, this would be the perfect level for them! As long as they share our love of the game, our coaches will be able to focus on the fundamentals and develop their basic skills.

Next, with our Intermediate level, these campers have the fundamentals down and need additional help taking their game to the next level. This curriculum will be a little faster paced and will focus on developing additional skillsets that will help them take the next step in improving their skills and football IQ.

Finally with our Advanced level, these are campers that have participated in Pop Warner Youth Football or have been playing the sport for several years. They understand what skills they would like to develop, and our curriculum will focus on helping them develop those specific skills. It will be a fast-paced curriculum, focused a lot more on gameplay scenarios.