What They've Said About Dan Quinn


New Falcons head coach Dan Quinn has left quite the impression on coaches he's worked with and player's he's mentored throughout his career. Above is a word cloud of some of the words we've found around the web describing Quinn, his coaching abilities, his scheme and his attributes. Below are some of those quotes in their entirety.

"I am excited about the hiring of Coach Quinn as our head coach. I had the chance to play against his defense in 2013, so I know how challenging and well-prepared his teams are. They have had a tremendous amount of success with Coach Quinn and I look forward to meeting and working with him." - Falcons QB Matt Ryan

"Coach Quinn has had a lot of success in Seattle and I look forward to him bringing that championship pedigree to Atlanta. He has been to two straight Super Bowls, so he knows what it takes to get there and win the big game. I believe that Coach Quinn is a great fit for our team and this city." - Falcons WR Roddy White

"Coach Quinn is a great football coach and an even better person. My brother, Marcus, had a chance to be around Coach Quinn for a couple of seasons so he has told me a lot about him. I am excited about his approach to defense and I think he will held bring the right attitude to that side of the ball." - Falcons CB Desmond Trufant

"I have watched the Seahawks defense from afar the past two seasons and their success is unmatched in NFL history. I enjoy watching their aggressive approach. I also think when you put the film on, you see a detail-oriented, physical, smart defense, and I believe Coach Quinn will bring those traits to our entire team." - Falcons DT Jonathan Babineaux

"I just like his approach toward the players. He's a D-line coach at heart, so that's a plus for us. But he's real chill; he doesn't get mad — at least in front of us. He's a players' coach in that he will speak to you and you don't feel like it's a coach speaking down on you, and that's pretty cool." - Seattle DE Cliff Avrill

"The little things are what he's made us really, really good at. You want to be really good tacklers — guys catch balls, you punish them. You want to knock people back; you want to intimidate. It shows in our style. It shows in our effort." - Seattle LBs coach Ken Norton

"Dan Quinn is a really special leader. He knows his stuff. His record speaks for itself with how he's been able to work with people and put people in the right spots. His defenses have been dominating. So, I think what he's going to be able to accomplish on his own is going to be really good." - Norton

"He's great at relating to his players. He's great at understanding the strengths and weakness of his players. He allows everybody to play to their strengths." - Seattle CB Richard Sherman

"He's obsessive in the film room, and his defense embarrassed Peyton Manning on the game's biggest stage. But what really has Seattle coordinator Dan Quinn on the fast track is the trusting relationships he builds with players." - Robert Klemko, MMQB

"He does a great job of getting guys ready for the game and does a great job of teaching technique. Especially, the younger guys. He's a good coach for getting guys to continue to improve." - Seattle DE Michael Bennett

"He's one of the main reasons I have improved as a player. Just the things he's taught me, I took them and used them to get better." - Bennett

"He's the leader of that group. He talks to them every day. He directs the focus. He sets the tone. He does all of that. He's been phenomenal. Gus (Bradley) had done a great job with this group and then to pick up and take us to another level and then do it again, that's an extraordinary job of coaching and leadership. That's why there's a lot of people talking to him, wanting to know where he's going next and you can understand that." - Seattle head coach Pete Carroll

"He convinced me he would use me to the best of my abilities. I trusted that." - Bennett

"Dan was one of those kind of guys that you couldn't give him too much to do. That was a pretty good indicator that he was going to be successful." - Former William & Mary coach Jimmy Laycock

"He said whatever we run, be the best at it. We had a lot more things we ran in the past. He narrowed it down to what we were good at." - Seattle DT Brandon Mebane

"Dan has a bunch of strengths, but his biggest is relating to people. He's genuine. He's real. He's an outstanding football coach and works extremely hard at it. But he just does a great job of dealing with people." - Will Muschamp, who coached with Quinn at Florida

"He keeps it simple enough so the guys can be confident and just go play." - Seattle general manager John Schneider

"Dan, from the first moment you were around him, you knew how much he loved football. He was an exciting guy to be around. He brings energy into every room that he goes into. But he was a serious guy, a tough guy and after working with him for four years, there was no doubt that he would be successful." - Kyle Flood, who coached with Quinn at Hofstra

"For me, I'll be able to sit with my son on Sunday and point to somebody else that I know personally and worked with, and give another example to an 11-year-old boy. To say, 'Hey, if you really know what you want to do and you want to be great at it, the last ingredient is: How hard are you willing to work?' Because Dan has worked as hard as anybody in this business." - Flood

"We've got two to three base defenses, pretty much, and we run that all game. And then we've got about four nickel defenses. So it's simple, man. And that allows us to play fast." - Seattle linebacker KJ Wright

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