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Umenyiora, Schiller Swap Jersey Numbers

There was something different about Osi Umenyiora at practice on Wednesday, and it wasn't his football skills. While the defensive end has been wearing No. 90 after signing with the Falcons this year, he decided earlier this week he wanted something different and was seen wearing No. 50 at Wednesday's practice.

The decision comes after Umenyiora's parents told him they didn't like 90 for him, so he then decided he wanted a number in the 50s.

Although at first he wanted 58 or 57, the two weren't available. Although the Falcons don't formally retire numbers, 58 was worn by Jessie Tuggle and 57 by Jeff Van Note — both Ring of Honor members, so Umenyiora ended up choosing 50.

That number belonged to Pat Schiller, but the linebacker apparently had no problem giving it up and trading it for Umenyiora's 90 — but only after he and Umenyiora had a chat.

"Those negotiations were between me and Schiller," Umenyiora said. "We had a good conversation. I took care of him." 

Umenyiora wouldn't say what that meant exactly, but he did add that it was "a little more expensive" than a dinner.

Now that Umenyiora starts his run with the Falcons branding the No. 50, he not only made his parents and Schiller happy, but the fans, as well.

"I asked the fans they wanted also, and they said 50," he said. "You have to give the fans what they want, it's important to do that."

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