Social Bird: Internet explodes over Hayden Hurst, Dak Prescott postgame moment 

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Atlanta Falcons tight end Hayden Hurst's journey to the NFL is one worth knowing about for many reasons. Hurst, 27, has been open about his struggle with depression and anxiety. The former first-round pick attempted suicide four years ago and has been committed to helping others since.

Following the 40-39 loss to the Cowboys, Hurst went out of his way to find Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott before leaving the field. Prescott recently opened up about his own personal struggles with depression after the death of his brother, Jace, and the COVID-19 pandemic. The moment was captured on video and went viral.

The moment sparked a more in-depth conversation between Hurst and Prescott who plan to work together this offseason to continue to find ways to help others. Hurst and his mom, Cathy, have a foundation to raise awareness for mental health issues for kids and adults.

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