Report: High percentage of Falcons players have been vaccinated against COVID-19

The field inside Mercedes Benz Stadium is shown before the game against the New Orleans Saints on November 29, 2020.

Having at least 85 percent of an NFL roster vaccinated against COVID-19 could have its advantages. The league could lighten protocols for franchises that meet or cross that threshold, according to multiple reports, making life easier on those squads over others. That's still uncertain. Talks on that front are reportedly ongoing.

Right now, there are plenty of individual perks to being vaccinated. There are plenty of Falcons who will enjoy additional freedoms. In total, 82 of the 89 players on the Falcons roster have been vaccinated, The Athletic's Jeff Schultz reported on Friday evening.

That means the Falcons are roughly 92 percent vaccinated with less than a week before players report to training camp. The Athletic's Tori McElhaney reported that the Falcons are one of nine teams with at least a 90 percent vaccination rate.

That means most Falcons will be able to resume a relatively normal work schedule.

Those players won't have to be tested daily. They won't have to wear masks at the team facility and won't have to quarantine for five days after exposure to someone with COVID-19. That last one's a biggie, considering a close call won't remove a player from the lineup or even a practice.

Life will still be tougher on the unvaccinated. They'll have to get tested for COVID-19 every day, won't be able to eat in the cafeteria and mask wearing will be mandated, among other restrictions.

The Athletic's Lindsay Jones reported Friday more that 80 percent of players have been fully vaccinated or are in the process of reaching that status.

According to a league memo obtained by NFL Network, if a game is cancelled due to an outbreak among non-vaccinated players on one team and cannot be rescheduled, that club will forfeit the contest. The forfeiting team would be credited with a loss as it pertains to playoff seeding. The non-offending team would be credited with a win regarding the postseason.