Putting pads on gives Falcons 'a better evaluation tool' for offensive, defensive linemen


ATLANTA – The Falcons' practice at Mercedes-Benz Stadium is the first full-padded session of the team's 2018 AT&T Training Camp, which is a big deal for some specific positions.


Without pads, it can be difficult to evaluate the offensive and defensive linemen down in the trenches, where contact is inescapable. Now that the pads are on, it gives the coaching staff a better chance to evaluate those positions.

"Their game changes," Quinn said of the linemen putting on pads. "The offensive line, the defensive line, they're the ones that probably need it more than most. You probably don't hear too many receivers and corners that say, 'Hey man, I can't wait; we're in pads today.' The other guys are like, 'Hey man, this is part of my game.'

"This is an important part – obviously it's not going to be a live scrimmage – but this is a better evaluation tool for the big guys."

There are a few newcomers along the line of scrimmage for the Falcons who fans will get their first glimpse of in pads Sunday. On the defensive line, tackles Deadrin Senat and Terrell McClain are the new guys to keep an eye on, and right guard Brandon Fusco is the newcomer on the offensive line to watch.

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