PSL & Member FAQs

2021 FAQs

1.    I thought I paid in full last year, why do I have a balance due?

o  If you elected to pay in full for the 2020 Season, all members were invoiced for nine games, as opposed to the standard ten. This was due to the expected International Series game that was eventually cancelled. As we are scheduled to host the standard ten games this season, the remaining balance due is for the tenth game.

2.    Can I defer my payments?

o  Yes, you will have the option to defer the February installment, pending you are in good standing with your PSL account. We will send out a link for you to request a deferment for the February installment. If you are unsure of your standing, please reach out to your rep. You can find your dedicated service rep here.

3.    I paid my 2020 PSL payment, can I defer my 2021 PSL installment?

o  Yes, please reach out to your service rep who can assist you with deferring your 2021 PSL installment.

4.    Can I defer my 2020 PSL payment?

o  No, you will need to pay your past due 2020 PSL installment, but you may defer your 2021 installment to avoid paying both this year. Please reach out to your dedicated service rep for further instructions.

5.    Can I opt out of the 2021 Season like last year?

o  At this time, we are only offering the option to defer your initial Season Ticket installment. We are planning to operate at full capacity for the 2021 Season. We will continue to follow CDC guidelines and will inform you if any changes are made as we get closer to the season.

6.    How can I see how much credit I have on file from last year?

o  By logging into your Account Manager, you can click on your 2021 invoice to view how much credit has already been applied.

7.     The card I have on file is no longer active/I would like to use a new card. How can I change it?

o  You can update your card on file by clicking on your 2021 invoice here. You will be able to view the current card and select the edit option to add a new one. It is required to have a card on file, so if you do not want your payment automatically processed, you will need to submit a payment before each installment date with a card.

8.    I am not comfortable making payments until it has been deemed safe to attend events. What should I do?

  • o  For the time being, please utilize the option to defer your initial February installment. We will continue to update you regarding your options while we closely monitor the situation and follow CDC guidelines.