Nolan: Falcons Defense Has to Play as a Unit

Keep an eye on these storylines as the Falcons go into next Sunday's game against the New York Giants looking for their first road-win of the season.

For those who think the Falcons are just wishing their defense will improve in time for Sunday's Week 5 matchup against the New York Giants, think again.

One day after Falcons head coach Mike Smith pinpointed shortcomings of his team's defense, most notably consistency, Falcons defensive coordinator Mike Nolan stepped in front of the cameras and identified some key points in being able to showcase an effort on Sunday that hopefully pleases everyone.

  • Attention to detail is going to be really important in everything that we do, because mental errors lead to big plays
  • We have to play as a unit. We have to play as one; we can't play individually
  • Discipline is going to be an important thing

Among the tall tasks facing the Falcons D this week will be two-time Super-Bowl-winning QB Eli Manning, WR Victor Cruz and other weapons, such as RB Rashad Jennings, who has 341 rushing yards and 2 TDs and TE Larry Donnell, who has logged 25 receptions for 236 yards and 4 TDs. Nolan is well aware of the G-Men's recent two-game winning streak and praised their entire team, including the offensive line that allows for such potent production.

"It's a typical New York Giant offense," Nolan said. "The line is not gigantic, but they play big. They play strong (and) they play extremely well. I think it's as well-coached of a unit as there is in the league. They play together; even just the discipline in their stances and splits, they're very disciplined all the time. It's a good-looking group."

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