LOOK: Men of many hats

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- The Falcons took to their indoor practice facility for practice on Wednesday, and while the on-field play looked sharp, their attire was a bit more casual.

As the team prepared for their final preseason game on Thursday night against the Jacksonville Jaguars, they set aside the shoulder pads and helmets in favor of some more comfortable clothing. For many players, that meant wearing a hat.

There are a wide range of personalities on the Falcons, so, naturally, there were many different hats to reflect each player's personal taste. Let's take a brief moment to admire the various hats worn at Wednesday's practice, fashion show-style.

Two-Tone Classic Baseball Hat

QB Matt Ryan

A true sportsman, Falcons quarterback and reigning NFL MVP, Matt Ryan opted to go with a classic baseball hat look. Gotta keep a low profile when you're one of the best quarterbacks in the league.

Tucked Bucket

WR Julio Jones

All-Pro receiver Julio Jones provided us with a new twist on the fan-favorite bucket hat. By tucking in the back part of the hat, Jones displays a bold, trendy look that complements his dominance on the field.

Two-Tone Visor

DT Grady Jarrett

Defensive tackle Grady Jarrett proved in his second NFL season that he can beat offensive linemen with both speed and power. It's only fitting then, that he donned a two-tone visor - the convertable sports car of headwear.

Two-Tone Flat Brim

DE Jack Crawford

Unlike his defensive tackle counterpart above, Jack Crawford opted for a flat-bill two-tone hat. Is his hat meant to send a message to opposing quarterback that they are about to be flattened? You be the judge of that.

Solid Tilted Visor

RB Tevin Coleman

It's entirely possible that Tevin Coleman's visor wasn't tilted when practice began but ended up that way due to the sheer wind force the third-year back generates when he runs.

Knit Hat

CB Desmond Trufant & CB Robert Alford

Despite playing on opposite sides of the field during games, Desmond Trufant and Robert Alford are practically inseperable during practice. It's only fitting, then, that they opt for matching knit hats.


DT Courtney Upshaw

Why have separate articles of clothing when you can wear a hoodie and cover all of your bases? Courtney Upshaw would likely rather spend his time in opposing backfield, not picking out hats.

Tipped Bucket

S Kemal Ishmael

Kemal Ishmael has been a versatile player for the Falcons over the past few seasons, and he opted for a versatile piece of headwear on Wednesday. Part hat-part umbrella, the tipped bucket hat is equipped to handle sunny and rainy days.

Solid Classic Baseball Hat

LB Deion Jones

They say that middle linebackers are the quarterbacks of the defense, right? Deion Jones, a known "hat guy" on the team, certainly channeled Matt Ryan's fashion style with this hat choice.

Backwards Solid Snapback

TE Austin Hooper

California cool.

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