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Julio Jones explains why the Falcons have the 'ultimate receiving corps'

LANDOVER, Md. – In Julio Jones' eyes, the Falcons have the "ultimate receiving corps."

Not only do they all have tremendous speed, great hands and have demonstrated precise route-running ability, they're physicality is what sets them apart.


"That helps us be the ultimate receive corps," Jones said. "Not shying away from competition. We pride ourselves on being tough, we're not going to get pushed period around at wide receiver."

Jones, Mohamed Sanu and Calvin Ridley combined for 237 yards and 17 catches in the Falcons' 38-14 over the Redskins (5-3).

On numerous occasions, that trio imposed their will on the Redskins' secondary. Whether it be a block to help set up a run or running through contact to finish a play, they came to play.

"They hold themselves to a really high standard, our receivers do," Falcons head coach Dan Quinn said. "Julio's right at the front of that in terms of what he does, if you come in and don't uphold that, they'll let you know pretty quick."

Jones recorded his first touchdown of the year with less than four minutes to play sealing the win for Atlanta, which happens to be their third straight win.

In typical Jones fashion, he downplayed any excitement about what it meant to get his first score of the year.

For Jones, the most important stat he cares about is in the win and loss column. And that's what makes him unique and one of the most respected players in the Falcons' locker room.

"He's the most unselfish superstar you can imagine," Matt Ryan said of Jones. "The work he puts in, the guys see that. They also see what he's done for everybody else too to open things up. When he was able to get in [the end zone] at the end of the game, the celebration was fun to be a part of. No one deserves it more."

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