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Julio Jones explains how he got into owning a car dealership, getting Hayden Hurst more involved 

Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones talks about his off-the-field business ventures and getting Hayden Hurst more involved

Julio Jones' full-time job is to catch passes from Matt Ryan and score touchdowns for the Atlanta Falcons. When the All-Pro wide receiver isn't doing that, he's still a busy man.

Jones, 31, bought Kia and Mazda auto dealerships in Tuscaloosa, Ala. in January of 2018.

When asked how the dealerships are doing, Jones explained why he was interested in buying car dealerships.

"It's great. Having a plan after football, I have a lot of ventures outside of my car dealership," Jones said.  I love cars, I love learning about them. They get us from A to B. Your friends, family, everyone is going to have a car. You're always going to have car trouble; you're going to need service done to your car."

Jones like many professional athletes realizes at some point his career will end. Knowing that, Jones wants to ensure he's set up for the rest of his life with other business ventures. Jones craves knowledge and being involved in other businesses allows him to keep learning.

"For me, I'm always willing to learn and I want to learn more," Jones said. "Everything is pretty much free at the end of the day as far as knowledge. Why not take advantage of those relationships and opportunities you have in front of you to educate yourself on it?"

Getting Hayden Hurst more involved

Jones' play in Week 6 ignited the Falcons' offense to a win. As Jones and the rest of Atlanta's offense looks to build off their 40-point performance, getting their starting tight end more involved will be something they try to do.

Hurst has 19 catches for 227 yards and three touchdowns so far in his first season with the Falcons.

As opposing defensive coordinators put their game plans together to try and limit Jones' production, that gives other players opportunities to step up.

Jones believes Hurst can be that guy moving forward.

"We have to get Hayden going a little more," Jones said. "He can definitely spread the field a lot for us. He's definitely a mismatch for safeties and linebackers just by his size and speed. Very versatile, great hands. He can do it all. At the end of the day, he's going to be a great tight end for us."

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