Jessie Tuggle on Bird Noises: People wanna hear what's going on inside the nest, gotta hear the Noise

'The Hammer' discusses importance of talking about mental health, social injustice, plus his thoughts on coaching changes, how Falcons can turn season around and much more

There's a lot happening with the NFL and the Atlanta Falcons these days – on and off the field. So, we got former Falcons linebacker and Ring of Honor inductee Jessie "The Hammer" Tuggle to join Digital Managing Editor Matt Tabeek on Bird Noises this week.


Tuggle discusses the importance of having conversations about mental health, social injustice and everything going on in America right now as well as who the lack of preseason games hurt the most and what it will take for these current Falcons to turn their season around with Tabeek on episode No. 21 of Bird Noises presented by Bose.

Here are some of the timestamps of highlights from the podcast:

Introduction: Matt Tabeek welcomes Jessie Tuggle, forever No. 58 in the hearts of Falcons fans everywhere, back to Bird Noises.

0:25: Tuggle talks about his nickname "The Hammer" and Tommy Nobis not being in the Pro Football Hall of Hame.

1:37: Tuggle says he still loves the name Bird Noises, says it might be better than his nickname. "People wanna hear what's going on inside the Nest. You gotta hear the Noise."

2:26: Tuggle talks about 2020, his health and how he stays in shape by swimming a lot.

3:25: Tuggle about the seriousness of COVID-19, how it has affected him personally and staying safe.

4:33: Like Dan Prescott, Aaron Rodgers and Hayden Hurst, Tuggle talks about the importance of having important conversations with people about mental health, social injustice and everything going on in America right now.

6:55: Tuggle gives his take on why so many NFL games are high-scoring contest right now. Thinks the Falcons should play better football heading into the second half of the season.

8:30: Tuggle talks about the importance of having fans at games and what it must be like for players competing in near-empty stadiums.

9:51: Do quarterbacks have an advantage right now? Tuggle talks about "voice control" and its effect on defensive players.

11:10: The lack of the preseason games and the alarming number of injuries to NFL players right now. Are they connected somehow?

14:29: Who did the lack of preseason games hurt the most? Tuggle says it has hurt the low-round draft and free agents the most. Without preseason games would there have been The Hammer?

17:00: The Falcons finally won a game, beat the Vikings. How did they do it with a coaching and GM change?

18:01: Tuggle talks about his own experiences of playing through a midseason coaching, channeling those emotions and setting an example.

19:47: What it feels like for a player to finally get that first win.

20:14: Are players auditioning or under the microscope more for the future with a change? "The NFL stands for not for long," says Tuggle and he explains why.

22:40: Tuggle talks about the last time he was on 2019, mentioning how in 1997 the team was 1-7 and finished 6-2 in the second half. Last year they did the same. Tuggle explains how that happens, from a player's perspective.

25:25: Tuggle says there's a big difference in "playing to win" vs. "playing not to lose." Play to win at all costs, he says.

26:45: As a player are you just trying to go 1-0 every week? Tuggle says the players body language looked much different in Week 6 than they did in Weeks 1 or 2.

28:58: We need more "Hammer Hits" and "to always informed of what's going on inside the Nest!"

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Jessie Tuggle was not only one of the hardest hitters in the NFL for 14 seasons but he was one of the greatest players to suit up in a Falcons uniform. He explains how he went from being overlooked and undrafted to the Falcons Ring of Honor on the latest episode of Bird Noises with Matt Tabeek.

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