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Five GIFS from Falcons' Win Over Saints

1. Freeman's Footwork: In the second quarter, needing a score to get some momentum going, rookie running back Devonta Freeman stepped up in a big way, taking a Matt Ryan pass and turning it into a first-down that set up a Roddy White touchdown.


2. McClain Saves the Day: Robert McClain had been called for a few penalties before this point in the game, but with Drew Brees threatening to find the end zone again, McClain stepped in front of a pass to earn redemption.


3. Rodgers Pumps the Brakes: This one was just pretty. In the fourth quarter, the Falcons went ahead thanks to a 17-yard run by Jacquizz Rodgers that dazzled and awed as he spun off a tackle, hit the brakes and shifted directions before finding the end zone.


4. Gimme Some Moore: William Moore gets credit for the biggest heads-up play of the game, turning the second play of overtime into the game-changer. Knocking the ball loose from Saints WR Marques Colston gave the Falcons everything they'd need to set up our next GIF.


5. Bryant Does it Again: From 52 yards out, Matt Bryant lifts the Falcons to victory for the ninth time in his career with Atlanta.

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