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Falcons WRs Continue to Grow Closer

The brotherhood loyalty of the Atlanta Falcons wide receivers cannot be overstated. Harry Douglas may have said it best when asked about playing with the talented group that includes Roddy White, Julio Jones, Devin Hester and Eric Weems.

"We're so close, and I mean it when I say it, I think we may be the closest group of receivers in NFL history," Douglas said.

The group is doing more than its share in 2014 to give Douglas such an opinion. It was just more than two weeks ago in Week 11 when Hester came to the defense of Douglas, who got into a scuffle with a Carolina Panthers defender. Hester received a personal foul penalty, but the message received by his fellow wide receivers spoke volumes.

Fast forward to the team's Week 13 win over the Arizona Cardinals. Kept out of the game with an injured ankle, White was forced to watch his brothers from the sideline. Before the game started, White was seen in front of Jones, giving him a pep talk, and it worked.

Jones went on to have a career day, hauling in 10 receptions for personal-best 189 yards and one touchdown. Not to be outdone, Douglas played his best game of the season, finishing with nine catches for 116 yards. Hester, who totaled 159 return yards Sunday, combined with Weems for three catches and 19 yards.

"Sunday, Roddy was so excited for me and Julio going out there balling and making plays," Douglas said. "Eric Weems said before I went on the onside kick, 'I am not going to let anybody touch you,' and he went over and knocked the guy on the onside kick. Our group is such a brotherhood. We do so many things outside of football to the point when it comes to the game of football, we're even closer."

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