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Falcons statement on players' demonstration with Seahawks

“We support our players ability to raise their individual and collective voices and continue to create much-needed change in the world. Together we will continue to shine a light on social issues that affect our community.” – Atlanta Falcons

In addition to the statement, the team is also releasing a creed from the Falcons players' Social Justice committee that is at the heart of their efforts going forward.


We Rise Up to bring inspiration, access and opportunities to younger generations in ATL. 

We Rise Up to bring awareness to important social issues that impact our locker room, our families and our community. 

We Rise up for mental health awareness to decrease the stigma and understand that asking for help is a sign of strength. 

We Rise Up and continue to unify our communities and use our collective voices for good.

We Rise Up to celebrate our similarities AND our differences. 

We Rise Up against social injustice, racism, sexism and every other form of discrimination. 

We Rise Up to support BLACK lives because we believe ALL lives matter. 

We Rise Up to take action by increasing voter awareness, education and registration.

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