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Falcons scouts: The men behind the players

Who are the men who helped build this team? Their paths to Atlanta are all very different.


FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. – Who are the men that comb college campuses throughout the country, evaluating every single potential NFL prospect? What type of person does Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff look for and what does he expect from them once he brings them in?

What each NFL team looks for in a scout – coaching and playing backgrounds, levels of decision-making experience – and how much value that team places on those individuals can vary quite a bit.


Dimitroff, who's been the general manager in Atlanta for more than nine years, sees scouts as more than mere information gatherers. They have to be much more than guys "filling in the lines and filling in the boxes." To read more about the team Dimitroff has assembled, click here: Overview

There are currently 12 pro, national, regional and area scouts in the Falcons personnel department. Scott Pioli is the assistant general manager, Joel Collier is the director of pro personnel and Steve Sabo is the director of college scouting. They are 15 men with 15 very different backgrounds. To read about their individual stories and unique paths to Atlanta, click on the links below:

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