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Falcons React to Week 7 Loss to Ravens

Falcons head coach Mike Smith on his team being 2-5: "We have nine games left and I know every man in that room and every coach in that room will work their [butts] off this week to get prepared to play the Detroit Lions. I have no doubt what the makeup of these football players and coaches and the organization we have in Atlanta."

Falcons C James Stone on taking over at the center position: "It was time to get out there [and] do my job; That's why we're all out here, to play football. I go out there with those guys and play at the highest level I can."

Falcons RB Steven Jackson on the team handling the recent losses: "There's only one way to put it back together and that's to stick together. All the men in the locker room – coaches and players – need to stick together, remain positive, and trust that we'll get out of this rut."

Falcons WR Julio Jones on the offense trying to find answers: "We've just have to keep working. We've got to keep believing. It doesn't matter what anyone else says; it's what we do here. We've got to trust each other and trust the process and eventually it will turn around for us."

Falcons WR Roddy White crediting the Falcons defense: "They got us three turnovers and played pretty efficient football, but the longer they stay out there, the more opportunities the other team has to score. We've got to hold the ball. We've got to convert on third down. We've got to play full halves and go out there and be a better football team."

Falcons QB Matt Ryan on Atlanta's offensive struggles: "We need to prepare better, practice better and play better. We know what to do, but we haven't done it. I think everybody knows we need to play better, across the board. Everybody on the offense, the lineman, the tight ends, wide receivers, running backs and quarterbacks, needs to get better together."

Ryan on being 2-5 in 2014: "Right now, we are behind the eight ball and all kinds of things can happen. We have the right people in the locker room, the right leaders and the right coaches to turn this around. As ugly as it is at 2-5, we're still in the mix in our division; we just have to get better."

Falcons LB Paul Worrilow on the team responding to the Week 7 loss: "We will learn from this game and get better. We have a very short week, because we're going to London to play Detroit. Hopefully, we will learn from this game and get better."

Falcons CB Robert Alford on his first interception of 2014: "It was just a good play call by [defensive coordinator] coach [Mike] Nolan. I went out there and executed and just expected to do it, before the play happened. I praise the D-line and the coaching staff on the play call for that one."

Falcons DE Jonathan Massaquoi on the team's road struggles: "We're our own enemy. Being on the road is not an easy environment to be in, so we've got to continue to acclimate ourselves. There are only a few more games left in the season; we need to continue to fight and get better."

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