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Falcons continue commitment to growing the game of football for both boys and girls

The Falcons' organization has been committed to investing in and growing the game of football at every level.

With a continued emphasis on educating, supporting and celebrating those involved in the game at a youth level – boys and girls, the Falcons are invested from the top to bottom.

"Our hope is to continue to invest and grow this game for many years to come," says Chris Millman, vice president of community relations for the Falcons. "We have to continue to put resources into supporting the youth and high school coaches and programs to ensure the game continues to be played at the best it possibly can be for the youth of tomorrow."

These young players are the future of football in America and it is incumbent on us as an organization to keep coaches knowledgeable and equipped to teach our future players how to play the game in the right way.

Starting with the youth football camps for players ages 6-14 yrs. old, these free camps throughout the southeast are focused on teaching the fundamentals of the game.

The teaching doesn't stop with the players, though.

The Falcons bring in coaches from around Georgia to ensure they have the proper information to educate and instruct their players the vitally important fundamentals of the game including safety and protection from trusted voices. Falcons head coach Dan Quinn hosted an event for high school football coaches in the state of Georgia this year where several of his assistant coaches were on hand to discuss and scheme tactics.

Continuing with their efforts to strengthen the game at a high school level, the Falcons are introducing a new program that highlights a high school game of the week across the state.

The Falcons have selected five games as part of their "Falcons Friday High School Game of the Week" program. Prior to each of the games, the teams will be given a catered dinner which includes a speech from a Falcons' legend and the Falcons will bring the gameday atmosphere in Mercedes-Benz Stadium to the various stadiums.

The Falcons' commitment to growing the game at a youth level includes everyone. In 2018, the Falcons, in partnership with the Arthur M. Blank Foundation funded the first girls high school flag football league in Georgia where 19 schools within Gwinnett County participated. In 2019, the program has already spread to include six additional counties with the overall mission to help girls flag football become a sanctioned sport in the state of Georgia by 2020.

For more information on any of the programs listed above, click here.

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