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Daryl 'Moose' Johnston of FOX Sports: Falcons best player so far, offense needs confidence 

What have you seen on film from the Falcons since you last called their game in Week 2?

Daryl Johnston: A little bit of inconsistency when it comes time to make the key plays in the game. They've had opportunities to win obviously going back to the Dallas game. Chicago, when you get to that point and your offense takes the field and your offense goes three-and-out three consecutive times in the fourth quarter when all they've got to do is go out there and kill the clock for you. They've missed out on opportunities like that. Really, it's been inconsistency. You want your best players to step up and make those critical plays and Matt's play has been up and down a little bit, once it gets steadied out, I think they'll be OK. It's unfortunate you've started the season this way because it makes it really difficult to keep your focus working through the end of the season.

What do you think some of the biggest issues defensively are?

Johnston: Defensively, you're not get the ball carrier to the ground. There's a lot of yards after contact, there's a lot of plays that become explosive plays because of missed tackles. Some of the fundamentals on defensive side of the ball need to be sharper. In the zones, it appears they're not squeezing. When people enter your zone, to tighten that coverage down. They've struggled a little bit in man-to-man. Sometimes we're seeing a breakdown in technique, a blown assignment. Overall, it's not happening once in a while, it seems to be on a consistent basis where the coverage is not as tight as you would like to have it and force the quarterback to make a harder throw. This has been something that's been going on since Week 1. Definitely something they'll have to get sorted out. Kirk Cousins is a quarterback more than capable of having a big game throwing the football if you're playing a softer coverage.

Who has been the best player for the Falcons through five games?

Johnston: Grady Jarrett has played really well throughout the season. Calvin Ridley on the offensive side of the ball has played well consistent. And I'm happy to see Todd Gurley having the season he's having. He's not where he was in 2018 and that's to be expected but he's much better than he was in 2019. I'm happy to see Todd having a nice start to the season.

The Falcons were back on the practice fields Friday ahead of their Week 6 matchup against the Vikings. Take a look at the best images from practice in this gallery, presented by Quikrete.

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