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Michael Jenkins on Bird Noises: Justin Fields, Bobby Petrino's exit and 'there's a lot of change coming'

 Michael Jenkins (a.k.a., the man who caught Matt Ryan's first NFL pass and scored) talks about the Falcons, NFL Draft, mid-season coaching changes and much more with Matt Tabeek

Former Falcons great Michael Jenkins (a.k.a., the man who caught Matt Ryan's first NFL pass and scored) talks about the current state of the Falcons, the NFL Draft, Ohio State Buckeye star and Georgia native Justin Fields, mid-season coaching changes (he played under Bobby Petrino) and much more with Digital Managing Editor Matt Tabeek on episode No. 22 of Bird Noises presented by Bose.


Here are some of the timestamps of highlights from the podcast:

INTRODUCTION of former Falcons great Michael Jenkins.

1:21 - Why we pushed back the recording and why Jenkins is wearing hospital scrubs.

2:56 - Is it Dr. Michael Jenkins or is he still selling tools to brain surgeons?

4:01 - Let's talk about The Ohio State Buckeyes for a minute. Jenkins talks about the team, Georgia native Justin Fields and his NFL Draft prospects.

7:53 - Jenkins explains why he's a little apprehensive (he's nervous!) about the Ohio State-Penn State game coming up.

9:20 - Jenkins' ridiculous (and amazing) shoe collection. What shoes he's wearing now, when was his last purchase (right before the show!), what the total number is up to and a pair he's dying to buy (spoiler alert: Nike Air Jordan 1 Fragment).

12:55 - Quick review of Jenkins' career and having played under four coaches in Atlanta, including what the midseason coaching change from Bobby Petrino to Emmitt Thomas was like.

16:02 - Jenkins talks about the early (great) expectations heading into the 2007 season with Michael Vick and Petrino's offense, and how things turned south before the season even started.

17:27 - Jenkins explains his (and his teammates') mindset and anger the day they found out Petrino was leaving.

18:58 - Not great, Bob.

19:02 - What it was like when Thomas took over and how the team wanted to win for their interim coach over last three games.

19:48 - Tabeek asks Jenkins what was the toughest loss he ever had to endure in his entire career.

21:41 - Tabeek and Jenkins talk about all of the close games (and heartbreaking losses) the 2020 Falcons have endured so far this season. Is there a talent void at certain positions?

25:51 - Is Todd Gurley to blame for scoring and not stopping the clock? Tabeek speaks his mind and Jenkins weighs in.

29:19 - What are the realistic expectations for these Falcons right now?

29:50 - What is the mindset of the players right now? Jenkins weighs in.

30:40 - Jenkins: There's a lot of change coming.

32:35 - What's realistic and what's not when it comes to roster moves and the salary cap.

33:22 - What will the next GM look like and what will his vision be for this franchise will look like?

34:10 - Does Jenkins know the significance of Dec. 12?

35:14 - Tabeek asks Jenkins the all-important question about the name Bird Noises. Does he still think it needs more work? A surprising response

The last time Michael Jenkins was on Bird Noises ...

Michael Jenkins explains what is was like scoring on Matt Ryan's first NFL pass, and shares his favorite memories in (and out) of the Falcons huddle. He also reveals a little-known secret about his Ohio State Buckeye days, talks about selling tools for neurosurgeons, his ridiculous shoe collection and more.

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