Bird Noises podcast: Jack Crawford talks hip-hop, Drake, playing Overwatch, Joe Paterno, 'The Office'

One of the main contributors to Atlanta's front line, Falcons defensive tackle Jack Crawford is looking to have a productive season, while in his eighth year in the league. Crawford joined Falcons digital managing editor Matt Tabeek on the debut episode of Bird Noises to talk more than just football. 

In the episode, Tabeek and Crawford discuss culture comparisons, growing up between the U.K. and U.S., favorite music genres, playing for the Atlanta Falcons and his expectations for this season. 

Other topics discussed: 

  • Crawford's past passion for music producing and the genre's of music he often listens to between the U.S. and U.K. (1:31)
  • Moving from England to New Jersey and finding a love for sports, becoming a standout in high school (5:00)
  • On receiving a scholarship to Penn State, playing under Joe Paterno and the struggles of being homesick while playing college football. (8:37)
  • Crawford's hobbies outside of football, playing video games like "Overwatch" and watching the hit show, "The Office" (13:42)
  • Rate's his top cities and vacation destinations he visits during the offseason (16:52)
  • Some of Crawford's favorite foods and gives a honest comparison between foods in America and England (18:21) 
  • Talks about his highest moments and lowest moments while playing on three different teams in the NFL (19:54)
  • His takeaways on last Sunday's victory against Philadelphia and playing the first home game in Mercedes Benz stadium (22:19)
  • Will McFadden joins the show to discuss Jack Crawford and what to expect from his play the rest of the season (23:41)

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