Behind the Facemask: Desmond Trufant


Frank Kleha:** Growing up with two brothers (Marcus and Isaiah) that have played in the NFL, how have they helped you the most in your first year in the league?

Desmond Trufant: Both of my brothers have helped me a lot. Marcus (the oldest) set the path for us and really taught us how to do it. They have helped me mentally with how to stay grinding because it's a long season and just keep your hard hat on and don't get complacent or comfortable. They told me to always keep that edge and that will get you through the season.

FK: With being in an NFL family, how has that prepared you more so than the typical rookie?

DT: I definitely have to give them (my brothers) credit because I've seen how you should carry yourself at a young age if you want to get to this level. They were good on the field, but they were also good off the field, and represented themselves well at school and in the community. I have to give credit to my parents also because they raised me the right way.

FK: Favorite athlete in another sport?

DT: It was Michael Jordan when I was younger. I really loved basketball when I was young. I played it growing up so I was really into it. Right now, I really like Floyd Merriweather just for his dominance. And I really respect his work ethic and how he prepares for his fights. He's so confident at what he does.

FK: What about in football? Any defensive backs you liked growing up?

DT: I liked Deion (Sanders), but I was really into Charles Woodson. I respected his game and how he played. And he's still playing and that just shows what kind of athlete he is.

FK: What do you like to do in your spare time?

DT:  I play basketball, video games and I love music. I'm really into music.

FK: Do you have a musical background?

DT: My pops plays the bass and used to sing in a band and played the piano when I was growing up. My other brother, Isaiah, played the drums and so did Marcus so music has always been in my life. I also played a little bit of the drums. I try to rap every now and then just for fun. I'm really big on music. We started playing in the church when we were young. Isaiah rapped so he had a little studio in the house and he produced his own beats. He also makes beats for local artists.

FK: First concert?

DT: It was Prince in New Orleans when I was in middle school.

FK: What are some of the artists that you follow?

DT: I was big on Jay-Z growing up. That's who we all listened to. And also Nas and Busta Rymes.  I'm a hip-hop fan. Right now I listen to J-Cole, Wale and Drake.

FK: What's one thing you are good at that most people struggle with?

DT: I would just say how to deal with adversity when things aren't going your way. It could be with anything. I feel I've always been a mentally strong person. And, that's with any situation, and not just football. I feel I always knew I was going to bounce back regardless and I never got down on myself. I was always ready to stand up and face the challenge.

FK: What's something that people would be surprised to know about you?

DT: I think it would be that I like to rap. When I have free time I write songs and make songs. My brother rapped, my cousins rapped, and it was always around me so eventually I started doing it. Willy Mo (William Moore) and I rap sometimes in the locker room just playing around. I feel like it's just another way to express myself through music.

FK: Hollywood crush growing up?

DT: Stacey Dash. I really liked her.

FK: Favorite actors?

DT: Denzel Washington, Will Smith and Hugh Jackman.

FK: What did you want to be when you were a kid?

DT: I wanted to play basketball in the NBA. I played AAU and high school basketball growing up. It was always football first for me; I knew I wanted to be a football player, but I played basketball just as much as I played football. I knew football was what I wanted to do but I love basketball, too, and I still do. I did want to go to the Olympics when I was younger, too. I wanted to be a sprinter. I was always fascinated by the Olympics.

FK: What kind of track career did you have?

DT: I actually ended up being a jumper. I got second in the state (of Washington) in the triple jump. And schools offered me (a scholarship) to go to their school to jump.

FK: Biggest fear?

DT: I'm just scared of not being successful. I always want to be the best and that's what I'm shooting for. I always try to stay on my game and make sure I'm on point with everything. And the fear of not being successful drives me.

FK: First car?

DT: A gray Mercury Cougar.

FK: Is there anything you wish would come back into style?

DT: I would say jerseys. People used to always wear basketball jerseys or throwback old-school jerseys. In middle school that's what everybody used to wear.

FK: Since your first press conference when you were drafted we could tell you had a sense of fashion. Where does that come from?

DT: My brothers and just the people around me and just mostly my family. I put my own twist on it, too. I am big on fashion. I'm not into brand names or anything, but I do want to always look good and make sure everything is always clean.

FK: How do you think you measure up with the rest of your teammates as being the best dressed on a road trip?

DT: I think I'm top 10 (on the team). I don't have as much as everybody else as far as all the three piece suits and everything. But I definitely know how to put stuff together with all the accessories.

FK: Who would you say are the best on the team?

DT: Babs (Jonathan Babineaux), and Willy Mo is cool.

FK: Is there any place you've always wanted to visit but just haven't had a chance to yet?

DT: I want to go to Puerto Rico or somewhere exotic like Trinidad & Tobago. I haven't traveled much but that's something I definitely want to do.

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