Ask the Expert: Pete Prisco

Reggie Roberts: Let's cut to the chase. What are you hearing about Packers QB Aaron Rodgers and his status for Sunday's game?

Pete Prisco: I would be shocked if he plays. It's too risky. It sounded like he got bad news on his check-up this week anyway. I think it's going to be Matt Flynn. He really struggled at Detroit and just isn't an NFL-ready passer in my mind.

RR: Can you give us an update on how the Packers defense — specifically the secondary — has played this season?

PP: The Packers have struggled in the secondary. The corners have been banged up and Tramon Williams isn't the player he was two years ago. The safeties have been horrible. They've blown a lot of coverages, which has led to big plays. It's why they are ranked 22nd against the pass.

RR: What kind of year is rookie running back Eddie Lacy having?

PP: He is a much better back than I expected. I thought he was too slow to the hole coming out, but he's quicker to it than I expected. He's also a tough inside runner who is capable of ripping off 20-yard runs. With the injury to Rodgers, they've needed him to do more and he has.

RR:Let's switch over to Green Bay's opponent this week — the Falcons, who snapped a five-game losing streak in Toronto last Sunday with a come-from-behind win over the Buffalo Bills. What's your take on what's happened to the Falcons this season?

PP:I think it's all about the injuries. Without them, they'd still be a good team. You can't suffer the type of injuries that they've had and be the same type of team. I will say this: In the long run, there will be positives come out of this season. The biggest will be how much time the young players are getting. Those guys are gaining invaluable experience. That will matter next season. With that, coupled with a high draft pick in each round, I look for the Falcons to come roaring back next year. They do need to improve the offensive line and get a pass rusher.

RR:And finally, how has Matt Flynn played for Green Bay since Rodgers has been out with the shoulder injury?

PP:Not good. He lacks the arm strength to drive the football — and that shows. His passes flutter and take a long time to get to the spot. He's smart, but he just can't get it there. There's a reason he's bounced around this season and lost his job in Oakland to Terrelle Pryor, who has since lost his job.

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