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Ask The Expert:'s Ashley Fox

Reggie Roberts:Were you at all surprised at how easy Seattle made it look Thursday night in its season-opening win over Green Bay?

Ashley Fox: I was a little bit, but I probably shouldn't have been. These Seahawks might be better than last season's team, and that was a darn good football team. Percy Harvin is such an invaluable weapon who is such a huge mismatch for defenses. Russell Wilson is so steady. He plays behind a reliable offensive line and has Marshawn Lynch. And that defense is long, lean, fast and mean and has the best cornerback and the best safety in the league. Seattle is definitely the team to beat.

RR:One of the best rivalries in pro football renews itself this weekend when the Saints travel to Atlanta to face the Falcons in the Georgia Dome. Who do you like in this one?

AF: You know I am generally bullish on the Falcons. I like your quarterback and receiving corps. I'm interested to see how your run game is. I'm concerned about the offensive line, and as you know it's vital to protect Matt Ryan. But I think New Orleans has a chance to be special this year on both sides of the ball. Jimmy Graham is another one of those matchup nightmares. I think their defense is going to be improved. These games are always wars, and I might regret this but I like the Saints.

RR:Give us your take on the NFL's recently announced policy on the domestic violence. Do you think it's too little too late?

AF: I don't think it's too little too late at all. I'm actually impressed that Roger Goodell admitted his mistake in punishing Ray Rice. I really don't think he anticipated the backlash. But it was there. The NFL has such power that it needs to set the example that domestic violence is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. I think the new policy does that, but I am interested to see how it will be implemented because thee are still a lot of questions that need to be answered.

RR:You live in suburban Philadelphia. How will year two of the Chip Kelly unfold this season in Philadelphia?

AF: I think the Eagles are going to be a major player this year. I'm interested to see what new wrinkles Chip and offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur have put in, and how they are going to use Darren Sproles. I will be in Philly on Sunday for their game against Jacksonville. I think the offense is going to be dynamic, but I don't see the defense being anything other than average. Still, if the Eagles don't win the NFC East, I will be surprised.

RR:And finally, who are the best two teams in football?

AF: This is an easy one: Seattle, and Seattle. They are operating on a different plane.

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