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5 Things About New Falcons LB O'Brien Schofield

The Falcons agreed to terms with LB O'Brien Schofield Thursday afternoon.

1. Quinn-Type LB: Falcons head coach Dan Quinn knows the best fits for his type of defense, adding another player fit for the cause, former Seattle Seahawks linebacker O'Brien Schofield. As the Seahawks defensive coordinator in 2013-2014, Quinn saw Schofield play in 31 regular season games, totaling 28 tackles and three sacks, giving him the best perspective of what the 6-foot-3, 242-pound linebacker brings to his defense in Atlanta. 

2. Super Bowl Experience: Entering the league with the Arizona in 2010, Schofield played three seasons for the Cardinals before spending the last two years in Seattle. The timing was perfect for Schofield, who recorded a tackle in Seattle's dominating win over the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII, 43-8. Bringing Schofield to Atlanta adds not only on-field skills to Quinn's team but championship presence in the locker room.

3. Mr. Versatility: During his time in Seattle, Schofield played a wide variety roles for Quinn, including strong-side linebacker, the Leo end in base coverage and also the Leo end in nickel defense. When Quinn was questioned in Seattle about how to ask about Schofield's many positions, his response echoed what he wants each of his players to showcase.

"Ask about versatility," Quinn said. "We started him off at linebacker, knowing there was more involved in that position in terms of the learning and the coverage – more so than Leo. We thought it would be the better transition, to start at Sam (strong-side linebacker). He's doing well."

4. Every-Game Goal: Schofield treats each game like it's his last. Having overcome injuries and much more in his NFL tenure, the 27-year-old linebacker appreciates every opportunity he's given, describing his goal in every game.

"To be disruptive," Schofield said. "To be a violent force and to show up on film for coaches, teammates and however that may go. It's always an ongoing battle, and out here, you're competing and competing against yourself to be as great as you can."

5. Favorites List:Every NFL player has off-the-field hobbies, including travel, cooking and entertainment. Schofield listed a few of his non-football-related endeavors, including his dream vacation spot (Ibiza), the menu he'd cook for teammates (catfish and spaghetti), if not playing football, the other pro sport he would play (basketball) and a new talent that he wishes he had (music).

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