Freddie Falcon’s School Show Programs

Freddie Falcon's School Show Programs

Freddie Falcon offers a wide variety of school show programs! Each school show lasts approximately 35-45 minutes and has the flexibility to be catered toward school specific messaging or activities based on grade or academic levels. All school shows are supported by both audio and video elements, in addition to Freddie Falcon and his emcee. During each program, students will have an opportunity to win Atlanta Falcons and Freddie Falcon items!

Availability throughout the year for Freddie Falcon's school show programs are limited, schools are encouraged to book in advance.

Freddie Falcon School Show Programs

Freddie Falcon and his emcee offer a variety of school show programs. Bring Freddie Falcon to your school and learn how to Rise Up!

School Show Programs

We’re All Dirty Birds

We're All Dirty Birds

This high energy pep-rally style show guides students through Atlanta Falcons messaging and slogans to create community hype around the season. Freddie Falcon and his emcee will discuss what it means to "Rise Up", how to be a "Dirty Bird" and what ATL means to us. The show includes surprise messages from the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders, an Atlanta Falcons player and other Atlanta influencers. Schools have the option to nominate students to be recognized by Freddie Falcon for their leadership and efforts in their school or community.

Freddie’s PLAYBook

Freddie's PLAYBook

Freddie Falcon and his emcee will jumpstart your student's desire to begin living a smarter and healthier life by combining education and comedy in this high energy show. The program consists of energetic music, dancing and crowd participation to teach students Freddie's PLAYbook for a healthy life.

Play 60 | Live Healthy | Always Eat Right | You Can Do It!

S.A.C.K. Your Test

S.A.C.K. Your Test

In preparation for the state of Georgia's annual standardized tests, Freddie Falcon offers this high energy program designed to educate students on how to prepare for test day. Through a variety of high energy and interactive activities and comedic skits Freddie will teach students how to S.A.C.K their upcoming tests!

Sleep | Arrive early and excited | Check your answers | Keep your cool

Peek Behind the Beak

Peek Behind the Beak

This assembly allows students to dive deep into the message of character, anti-bullying and career building with the performer behind the Freddie Falcon costume. The students will hear stories and learn insightful lessons from the performer himself. This show is geared towards middle and high school students.

Freddie Falcon's School Show Programs

Bring Freddie Falcons to your school and be ready to Rise Up!