White 'Hurting' for UAB Football Players, Program

Drafted in the 2005 NFL Draft, WR Roddy White has been one of the Atlanta Falcons top receivers and a leader on the team holding numerous of the team's franchise receiving records.

Word came Tuesday that the University of Alabama-Birmingham would be shutting down its football program and Falcons wide receiver Roddy White, a UAB alum, released the following statement in reaction to the news Wednesday:

"I would like to begin by saying that the University of Alabama-Birmingham and their football program provided me an opportunity and many others the opportunity to further our education while continuing to play the game of football. UAB was the school that gave me a chance to play college football and ultimately provided me an opportunity to play in the NFL.

"I am hurting for those kids that were members of that UAB football team. I am hurting for those coaches that did a great job of getting the team Bowl eligible this year, and I am hurting for the UAB community. The football program was a big part of that community, and the people in that area made great impacts on the lives of those young men, including myself. I know those players are going through a lot of emotions right now, but I want them to know that you have an opportunity to continue playing college football and continue to work towards your degree. Do not allow this decision to derail your dreams. Again, I am appreciative of my time and experience at UAB, but I am saddened that there will no longer be football there."

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