What They Said: Falcons vs. Cardinals

Falcons head coach Mike Smith evaluating Sunday's win: "I thought we had a very good performance in all three phases of the game. There were some excellent plays made, and when you make those types of plays you're going to get the outcome that you want. I think we did an outstanding job in our preparation. I thought our coaching staff was spot on in putting the game plan together. Defensively, I thought we were flying around (and) we took the ball away on most opportunities that we had. It was good to get the running game going. That's a very good football team that we played, and I thought that we matched them for their level of physicality and intensity. We're going to enjoy this for about four or five hours, and then move on to the Green Bay Packers."

Smith on the Devin Hester penalty that negated a touchdown return: "Please don't make me answer that question. There was a penalty, and we can't have a penalty on our sideline. I asked the official what transpired. You guys saw the replay, just like I saw the replay. The flag came out, and in the NFL that's a 15-yard penalty."

Falcons QB Matt Ryan on Patrick Peterson's comments about Julio Jones earlier in the week: "It's one of those things; it's part of the game. He's (Patrick Peterson) a very good player, but we think Julio is a really good player, too. He had a great game. He went out and competed really hard and made some really good catches for us. I thought he stepped up when we needed him to."

Falcons WR Julio Jones on whether he said anything back to Patrick Peterson in the game: "No. I don't talk at all. The guys that have played against me know I don't talk. I just go out there and play."

Falcons RB Steven Jackson on his first 100-yard game as an Atlanta Falcon: "Just another day at the office. It's something that I wanted, but they didn't bring me here for one. I need to be more consistent, and that's what I strive to do. We're going into the month of December where the games are going to be more challenging. We've set the bar now and now we need to do it consistently."

It's a battle of the birds at the Georgia Dome as the Atlanta Falcons take on the Arizona Cardinals. Check out these photos of gameday.

Falcons WR Devin Hester on the punt return that was called back: "It was the wrong call on their part, but it is too late to do anything about it."

Falcons K Matt Bryant on setting a career high for points in a single game: "In a perfect world, you hope you're kicking 17 extra points, but if they count on you to get a field goal, I just go out there and do it. Everything keeps working out, so I just go out there and keep on banging them through."

Falcons S William Moore describing his first game back since an injury in Week 4: "I felt good, and it was great to be back playing with the team. This is my job, and I love playing and competing, and I was itching to get back on the field."

Falcons CB Desmond Trufant on the team's strong effort: "We just knew that this was a big game. It was pretty much a must win to stay in the hunt, and we just knew we had to perform. It was a good team, so we could not be out there half-stepping, so we showed up and we have to keep it going."

Falcons DT Corey Peters on keys to success in Week 13: "First of all, we had a great week of practice. We were also very focused on the task at hand in terms of finding a way to win the game. I felt like the defense came out with a lot of intensity in this game. We had some early success by forcing turnovers, and I think that helped build confidence not only for the defense but the entire team."

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