That One Time Hester Raced a Cheetah and Won

There's no doubt, after reaching 20 return touchdowns for an NFL record last week, Devin Hester has reached mythical proportions — perhaps even Chuck Norris proportions.

Did you hear that Devin Hester counted to infinity — twice? Or that he can cut a hot knife with butter? Or that death once had a near-Devin Hester experience? Or that Devin Hester once raced a cheetah and won?

OK, maybe only one of those is true (as far as we know), and it happens to be the latter.

Last year, Hester combined with running back Chris Johnson to take on a cheetah in a race for a National Geographic special that aired in November and, despite the best efforts of the bunny-chasing cheetah, Hester won.

Check out the preview video above and read more about Hester's big win over nature here.

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