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I'm Terrin Waack. Why I hate being the story but love storytelling

Waack has been named Atlanta Falcons digital team reporter


This is my worst nightmare: being the story.

I'm supposed to introduce myself (My name is Terrin Waack), make the official announcement (I am the new Atlanta Falcons beat writer) and share a little bit about myself (Wait, what?).

Hello, writer's block.

I've cycled through multiple ways to start this and then ultimately scratched each idea:

— Rip the bandaid off and be vulnerable? Way too soon. Get to know me at least a little first.

— Explain how I became interested in sports writing? Wasn't athletically gifted enough to play.

— Share my first longform feature from college? Went back and found it. Yikes. Bless growth.

See? I keep drawing a blank, yet I continue to type because I refuse to miss my deadline. Something slightly contradictory about yours truly: I'm a very organized planner — color-coordinated checklists and calendars dictate my life — but I can also be a procrastinator. That happens more so with things that stress me out, and introducing myself on paper stresses me out.

This makes the interstate move from Louisiana to Georgia feel like a walk in the park — and it certainly was not.

Anyway, I digress. If you couldn't tell already, I'm rather casual with my words. Many people have said I write like I talk.

Well then, I'd like my work to speak for itself and for me. Below are three of my favorite stories from my last year-long position at The Times-Picayune in New Orleans, Louisiana

Friendly reminder: Elliss is now in Atlanta.

I realize the Saints are the Falcons' rival and some folks may dislike that part of my background. So, to steer us back into a safe and neutral territory, here are a few more links from my previous three-year stop at NASCAR in Charlotte, North Carolina:

You can find more content on my personal website, which I am well aware needs to be updated with this news. Please be patient with me. That's on my never-ending to-do list, lower on the priority scale than this piece.

Despite what my site says now and perhaps even still in a month, I am here. I am already in Atlanta. And I am officially your Falcons beat writer.

Here's how I'm approaching this role: It's not about me. It's about this team and its players, coaches and personnel. It's about the community. It's about the people. Sure, it's also about the game of football. But I want to know who is underneath the jersey. The person, not just the professional. And then I want to show you who that person is through my storytelling.

OK, I think that's enough from me. Let's have some fun now.

Waack out.

P.S. It's pronounced "walk." Not "whack."

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