Tabeek's NFL Power Rankings: Falcons close out season in top 15


Well, that's a wrap on the 2019 NFL regular season, folks.

While there were plenty of surprises and teams that played way better than expected in 2019 (the Ravens, 49ers and Bills), there was no shortage of teams who failed to meet expectations, either (see the Browns, Bears and Chargers).


As for Atlanta, yes, Falcons fans suffered through another agonizing 7-9 season, but it at least ended on a very high note ... and the final rankings reflect that much. Can they carry the momentum of a 6-2 run down the stretch into 2020?

We'll find out soon enough.

So, without further ado, it's time for the final edition of the Wildly Important NFL Power Rankings for the 2019 regular season. Enjoy.

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They end the regular season as the best team in the NFL, and it’s not up for debate. 1
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Nice way to close out the season – a demolition of division foe Carolina. 2
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3. 49ers (13-3) TABEEK'S TAKE PREVIOUS
They cap one of their best regular seasons in a long time with a thrilling win over the Seahawks to clinch the NFC West. 6
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4. Packers (13-3) TABEEK'S TAKE PREVIOUS
I’ve underestimated this team all season long and kudos to them for the 13-3 finish. 4
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Everyone held their breath when Patrick Mahomes went down, but he’s back and this team is a dangerous one with him. 5
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6. Patriots (12-4) TABEEK'S TAKE PREVIOUS
They slip with a surprising loss to Miami but still got it done with a very good defense this season. They’ll be a tough out in the postseason. 3
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7. Seahawks (11-5) TABEEK'S TAKE PREVIOUS
The Seahawks came this close to winning the division. Still, they got better as the season went along. 7
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8. Vikings (10-6) TABEEK'S TAKE PREVIOUS
When this team hits on all cylinders, watch out. Problem is they don’t do it consistently. 8
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This team is much better than we all expected but is still a player or away from being special. 10
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10. Texans (10-6) TABEEK'S TAKE PREVIOUS
At times this team has looked unstoppable, other times … not so much. Which one shows up in the postseason? 9
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Carson Wentz has done what all great quarterbacks do at times – carry his team when they’ve needed it most. 11
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Is Ryan Tannehill the long-term solution in Nashville? I don’t know, but he’s provided a nice shot in the arm for this team. 12
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13. Cowboys (8-8) TABEEK'S TAKE PREVIOUS
Another season with great expectations ends in … mediocrity. Will the Cowboys stay the course or will there be big changes in Big D? 14
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The defending NFC champs fell flat at times. Will the slide continue or will they bounce back? Should be an interesting offseason in LA. 19
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15. Falcons (7-9) TABEEK'S TAKE PREVIOUS
What. A. Turnaround. From 1-7 to 6-2. That all said, Falcons owner Arthur Blank has made it clear that 7-9 is not the bar. Can Falcons carry the late-season momentum into 2020? 17
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16. Steelers (8-8) TABEEK'S TAKE PREVIOUS
It was a rough season in the Steel City, but to their credit they still made it interesting into the final week of the season. 13
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17. Raiders (7-9) TABEEK'S TAKE PREVIOUS
The good news is that their rookie crop of players played very well this season – and they’re armed with more picks heading into April’s draft. 15
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18. Buccaneers (7-9) TABEEK'S TAKE PREVIOUS
We can only wonder what could’ve been for this talented roster. Can the Bucs continue to live with the up-and-down play of Jameis Winston? Big question about to be answered. 16
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I said at the beginning of this year that they’ll go as far as Mitch Trubisky can take them. And I was right. What do they do now? 20
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A year that began with Andrew Luck and Super Bowl expectations ends with them sitting on the sidelines and watching the postseason. 18
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I thought this team might win eight, nine or even 10 games this season. I was wrong, but … I think they’re only going to get better. 23
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22. Broncos (7-9) TABEEK'S TAKE PREVIOUS
This is a team in flux and, to be honest, it could go either way. Safe to say that Joe Flacco is not the answer. 21
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23. Chargers (5-11) TABEEK'S TAKE PREVIOUS
Wow … this was a team that I was really high on. Injuries and inconsistent play really did them in and now it could be the end of an era with the great Philip Rivers. 24
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24. Jaguars (6-10) TABEEK'S TAKE PREVIOUS
Talk about a quick rise and an even quicker fall over the last three seasons. Big questions surrounding this franchise, reportedly with the head coach and GM. 26
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25. Browns (6-10) TABEEK'S TAKE PREVIOUS
Well, the Freddie Kitchens era didn’t last long. Something tells me his name might end up as some sort of hard-to-answer trivia question one day. 22
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26. Dolphins (5-11) TABEEK'S TAKE PREVIOUS
Do you still want to say they were tanking the 2019 season? Enough of that. Huge draft coming up for this team. 29
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27. Panthers (5-11) TABEEK'S TAKE PREVIOUS
What a fall, what a disappointing finish. There’s a ton of talent on this team, which makes it an attractive head coaching job. Biggest question: Is it time to move on from Cam Newton? 25
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28. Cardinals (5-10-1) TABEEK'S TAKE PREVIOUS
Make no mistake about it, this team has a lot of holes to fill. That said, the future looks very good after Kliff Kingsbury’s first season at the helm. 27
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29. Giants (4-12) TABEEK'S TAKE PREVIOUS
Welp, that does it for the Pat Shurmur era in New York. Same goes for Eli Manning. Lots and lots changes coming for the G-Men. 28
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30. Lions (3-12-1) TABEEK'S TAKE PREVIOUS
Brutal season for the Lions, beginning with the loss of standout quarterback Matthew Stafford. 30
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31. Redskins (3-13) TABEEK'S TAKE PREVIOUS
Redskins fans showed plenty of displeasure this season – and rightfully so. What will Danny do next? It’s been a rough ride under Snyder. 31
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32. Bengals (2-14) TABEEK'S TAKE PREVIOUS
Bengals ended their woeful season on a high note – by beating their biggest rival, the Browns. You’re now on the clock with the No. 1 pick, Cincy. Don’t screw it up. 32
Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan #2 against the New Orleans Saints on December 6, 2020.


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