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Matt Bosher's jaw-dropping tackle causes a wide range of reactions from Falcons players


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Like Michelangelo's "David" or the 2008 classic "Tropic Thunder," Matt Bosher's tackle of Panthers punt returner Kenjon Barner in the second quarter of the Falcons' 24-10 victory was simply perfect.

The Falcons' punter combined flawless technique with surprising strength to evoke an image of a WWE match.

"When the hit happened today, it was clearly one that got everybody excited," Falcons coach Dan Quinn said. "Sometimes you catch them just right … He'll have a highlight for himself for years to come."

Bosher has been a reliable tackler for the Falcons from the punter position, and he has made a number of touchdown-saving tackles along the sidelines or in the open field during his time in Atlanta.

At a position not often considered tough, Bosher has earned that reputation among his teammates.

"Earlier in the year, I worked out with Matt Bosher," Falcons rookie receiver Calvin Ridley said. "Me, Julio [Jones], Matt Bosher and [Austin Hooper] worked out all year. He's strong, really, really strong – squat, bench, all of that. So, I'm not surprised. I was a little bit, because it was really, really hard. But I wasn't that surprised."

Bosher's tackle sent a surge of energy to the Falcons' sideline, and his own reaction to the hit – standing over Barner and flexing – drew laughs in the team's locker room after the game.

Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan said he had yet to see the hit, but he heard it happen, which is a testament to just how clean Bosher's strike was.

For those who did see it, however, there was only one appropriate reaction.

"I jumped out of my seat," Falcons receiver Mohamed Sanu said. "I was looking at the tablet and I saw it and was like, 'Oh.' I had to go congratulate him – it was a big hit."

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