Jones Remains Humble After Career Day

Don't waste your time sitting and waiting for Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones to brag about his personal-best 189 receiving yards in Sunday's win over the Arizona Cardinals. It's not in his DNA.

The former Alabama star finished the contest with 10 receptions for 189 yards and one touchdown. His 32-yard score in the first quarter came against a former LSU-rival, Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson.

Days after Peterson claimed to have won most of the individual matchups against Jones in college, the Falcons' top receiver put on a show that left no room for debate who won in Week 13. Instead of gloating about his personal effort, Jones praised the ability of Peterson for personal reasons.

"It's just the way I was brought up," Jones said. "Opportunity. I'm the type of person that if I get an opportunity, I try to take full advantage of it. You don't want to miss your blessings by talking crap to someone because you might need them later on in life. That's just how I was raised."

Those who helped raise him were in attendance for Jones' career day. Admitting that he got a strong nine hours of rest from Saturday night into Sunday morning, Jones said he woke up and enjoyed a pregame meal with his family that included macaroni and cheese, tilapia and rice.

It was the right fuel for the receiver that teammate Harry Douglas said has the potential to be the greatest of all time.

"Anything is possible," Jones said. "That's why I never tell people my goals; I never want to sell myself short. I'm capable of doing anything."

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