Jackson Knows Role, Offense More in '14

Steven Jackson posted an update to his sj39.com blog Thursday that sheds some light on the running back's mindset coming off an injury in training camp and his role heading into the regular season.

Jackson explains his urgent desire to return to the field after last year's hamstring injury kept him sidelined for five weeks. When the same injury occurred this year, he took a different approach to it and used the time to understand more of the playbook, know more about what the responsibilites of his teammates are on certain plays and be a role model for the younger players.

His attitude change, he said, allowed him to rehab with a purpose. His involvement in the playbook has allowed him to make decisions quicker and see different aspects of the game than he's seen before.

"Last year was a rough year for me individually and for the team," Jackson writes. "So of course, I want to get back to being the running back that I've been over my career. That means providing exciting play, playing with authority, punishing the defense on the end of my runs and being the tempo setter for this Atlanta Falcons team.

"I can tell you now that I'm more excited for the season than I was even before the injury. I'm more excited to be involved with my teammates and continue to be the leader that I know I am. I'm ready to go out there, and help us have a great season."

Jackson, later in his post, affirms the confidence he has in the offensive line, sheds some light on his assessment of the Rookie Club and gives some thoughts about the crowded Falcons backfield.

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