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Grady Jarrett on facing Tom Brady: He's never out of the fight

Grady Jarrett discusses the challenges of facing Tom Brady 

Atlanta Falcons defensive tackle Grady Jarrett has never beaten Tom Brady in his career. Jarrett has gone up against Brady three times now and although he's had a lot of success getting sacks om Brady, his team hasn't been able to get a win to go with.

It looked like Jarrett and the Falcons might change that after a dominant first half performance by Atlanta. But as Jarrett knows all too well, when you're facing Brady, you can never take your foot off the gas.

"He's a great competitor," Jarrett said. "Playing Tom Brady, you have to be ready. He's never out of the fight, as I've learned too many times."

The Falcons are 0-7 against Brady and now that he's playing in the NFC South, Atlanta will see him again in two weeks in the final game of the season. Brady threw for 390 yards and two touchdowns in Tampa's 31-27 win.

Brady relied on wide receivers Mike Evans and Antonio Brown in the second half and the Falcons were unable to slow the momentum the Buccaneers created.

Jarrett believes the final two games of Atlanta's season will show what the locker room is made of and they'll get another opportunity to try and get a win over Brady in two weeks.

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