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Gonzalez Determined to Finish Season Strong

As the trade deadline came and went Tuesday, Tony Gonzalez stayed put in Atlanta, and that's exactly how he wanted it.

Despite constant rumors, the tight end didn't ask for a trade to another team and now that it's over, he is happy to be able to move on to more important topics, like how he's determined to finish this season strong.

Although the year isn't unfolding how the veteran pictured his final season, he still fully believes the Falcons have a chance to make some noise going forward.

"As far as I'm concerned, we still have a chance," he said Thursday. "We're mathematically not out of it so its time to hit the road and hit it running and hopefully we can get one out there against Carolina."

Going into this weekend's game against the Panthers and every game after that, Gonzalez plans to do everything he can to be prepared and be successful each Sunday that comes up.

He realizes the team has to do the same, but is supremely confident in their ability to play at the level they're capable of and be able to put on a serious run.

Although the team mindset has always been to take it one game at a time, Gonzalez can't help but think about the inevitable. However the Falcons' season plays out, he remains adamant that he's playing his final season and can't help but think back to the beginning of his career and the eventual end.

"I'm savoring every moment that I can out there and I want to play as well as I can because its coming down to the end," he said. "It's not sad, but it makes me emotional to think that it's all coming to an end."

Aside from being the constant solid player that he is, Gonzalez prides himself in always staying optimistic, no matter the circumstance. He isn't planning to change that now and plans to use every opportunity he has to help the team win in the nine games they have left to play.

He expects and is confident his teammates will do the same, not only so that he can finish strong as an individual but also so that the team he's spent the last five years with can finish strong with him.

"I'm really going to try to enjoy myself these last nine weeks and take it for what its worth and enjoy the guys in this locker room, enjoy these games and hopefully we can do something that's never been done before," he said. "Hopefully we can turn this thing around."

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