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FOX Sports' Brock Huard: Why Falcons are struggling to score, X-factor vs. Chargers

As the Atlanta Falcons (4-8) get ready to take on the Los Angeles Chargers (3-9), FOX Sports analyst Brock Huard joins to preview the matchup.

What's going on with the Falcons on offense?

Brock Huard: They can't finish those drives. As good as Younghoe has been, you're not going to win against top teams with scoring field goals. To sit with the weapons they have and to be 29th in the NFL in scoring touchdowns in the red zone, you're sitting in the at the bottom of the league, that's not good enough.

What do you see when you watch film of what's happening in the red zone?

BH: I think this offensive line has been above average pass blocking. I think Jake Matthews is a plus pass blocker, I think Kaleb has grown a lot at the right tackle spot, Alex still plays at a high level in the middle. I think it's a capable pass-blocking crew which you've seen them move them move the ball between the 20s, but in order to finish, you've got to be able to move people I the run game and I think that's been a challenge for them up front.

Matchup to watch in this game?

BH: Keenan Allen is phenomenal, he will be more than likely be matched up with your rookie A.J. Terrell which is going to be a terrific matchup for AJ. He's phenomenal on third down, making sure you can handle him.

Who is the Falcons X-factor this week?

BH: Russell Gage. Russell is really coming into his own. I think he's going to have to be a factor. The Chargers have some pretty good perimeter corners. I think he has an opportunity to really own the middle of the field. Defensively, Grady Jarrett. I know he's going to want to get into the lap of that quarterback consistently and make the rookie Justin Herbert feel his presence. When you're a young quarterback and you've hit a little bit of a wall and some adversity with just an awful loss just a week ago, you don't like those guys right in your face.

The Atlanta Falcons running backs are focused on Sunday when they will face the Chargers in Los Angeles. Take a look at the best pictures from practice in this gallery, presented by Quikrete.

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