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FNL Sparks Falcons' High School Memories

The cloud cover made for a cooler day in Flowery Branch as the Atlanta Falcons took the field for practice during 2015 XFINITY Atlanta Falcons Training Camp. Here are pictures from the day.

The Atlanta Falcons will hold the eighth annual Kia Motors Friday Night Lights on Friday at Buford High School. The Falcons will take the field at 7:20 p.m. with gates opening at 6 p.m.

Not only will fans get an up close and personal look at the 2015 Atlanta Falcons, this event also includes a fan fest with sponsor activities, a post-event autograph session and a spectacular fireworks show.

As the players take the field at Buford High, they will be reminded of their own high school experiences and we caught up with some of them to hear a little bit about those exciting moments.
Joe Hawley: Esperanza High School, California
"My junior year we barely made the playoffs and we were one of the last seeds in the playoffs. We were playing a top seed in California and we weren't supposed to win — we were underdogs, big time. We ran the ball down their throats and just beat them up and ended up winning the game by a big margin and ended up going to the semi-finals and we weren't even supposed to make it to the playoffs. It was the way our team came together and played together (that) was awesome. "

Hawley played both defensive end and offensive tackle in high school.

William Moore: Hayti High School, Missouri
"We were in the semi-finals my junior year of high school and we traveled all the way down, I don't know how many hours, and we were down the entire game. We went in at halftime, I remember coach's speech, and a bunch of guys, we came out and we were flying around like no other. I had three interceptions that game and had a winning touchdown. I was so excited that game — I will never forget it. "

William Moore played cornerback, safety, running back and quarterback in high school.
Charles Godfrey: Robert E. Lee High School, Texas
"I remember in the playoffs we were playing in the Houston Astrodome and the game was tied. There was seven seconds left on the clock and I was back deep for the return. They kicked the ball and it went to my right and it bounced on the ground and was going out-of-bounds, but it didn't go all the way out-of-bounds, so I picked it up and returned it for a touchdown. They called it back and said I stepped out-of-bounds. And after that, the referees called my high school coach the next day and said they made the wrong call and that I never stepped out of bounds. We were out of the playoffs and we would have advanced. That will never leave me right there, that hurt me."

Devonta Freeman: Miami Central High School, Florida
 "Just running. Beating everybody. We were so dominant. I used to get like 20 carries a game and stuff like that. Just you know, coming out there after school, going straight to the game. You see everybody off on Friday, everybody out there having a good time and stuff. It's exciting you know so I miss it a lot. … I got a lot of moments, especially in the semi-final game before state, it was like 30-something seconds on the clock and I got like an 80-yard run touchdown and that is what made us go to the state championship. I remember that like it was yesterday." 

Matt Bryant: Bridge City High School, Texas
 "I'd have to say there's a game where I had like three field goals, one of them was I think 51 or 52, which was kind of like my high school record at that time. It may still stand, I don't know. The other one would be — see I also played linebacker, so, we were a very small school in our district and we (played) a team that pretty much owned us for a while and we beat them, Groves High School, and so yeah that was a big win. " Jalen Collins: Olive Branch High School, Mississippi

 "I would probably have to say it was a game where I had 3 touchdowns: one on defense, two on offense — it was pretty dope. It was my senior year of high school."

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