Falcons Partner with Sparta Sports Science

The Atlanta Falcons today announced that they have partnered with Sparta Software, Corp. to develop a cutting-edge athletic performance program.

"We feel that partnering with Dr. Phil Wagner and Sparta Software, Corporation will enhance our athletic performance program and benefit our football team," said Falcons General Manager Thomas Dimitroff. "We are always looking for ways to take our training program to the next level and Sparta will help us develop detailed individual workout programs. We understand the importance of having our players reach their full potential and remain in top physical condition during a long and arduous season, and this partnership will assist us in becoming a highly effective sports performance model."

Using the cutting-edge athlete evaluation software, SpartaTrac™, the Falcons will be able to prioritize player training before and during the season by monitoring player fatigue and injury risk as well as maximizing players' off-field preparation. The software, coupled with force plate testing, will allow the club to conduct in-depth player analysis and position specific comparisons to help the team build a database of individualized information to maximize player performance.

"It's exciting to partner with a franchise like the Falcons and help them continue their tradition of excellence," said Sparta Software Corporation founder Dr. Phil Wagner, MD. "This partnership shows the Falcons commitment to using science and leading-edge technology to stay competitive in the NFL. In a league where the average career is so short, SpartaTrac™ will help the Falcons draft players who show potential for long and productive careers. Because SpartaTrac™ is so precise, it will help the team make position specific decisions and keep players healthy."

Sparta Software, Corp. is the sister company of Sparta Performance Science. Located in the Silicon Valley, Sparta Performance Science uses force plate technology and proprietary software to help professional athletes become stronger, healthier more mentally tough.

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