Breakfast with the Falcons Almost Here

Sunday's game should feel pretty normal for the Falcons — you know, despite being in another country, thousands of miles away from home — as kickoff here in London is set for 1:30 p.m.

Back home, however, Falcons fans will be waking up with the team as things will get underway at 9:30 a.m. ET and even earlier on the West coast.

A nationally televised game on Fox, Sunday's matchup between the Falcons, as the home team, and the Detroit Lions will be the first in the international series played at such an early time in the United States.

"I like it," quarterback Matt Ryan said. "In the states, it'll be at 9:30 so breakfast and watching football. And here in the UK, it's the afternoon time and I think people will enjoy that."

The Falcons spoke with the media Wednesday morning before heading to the Arsenal Training Centre for practice. Check out these pictures of the day.

The Falcons are deeply focused on preparing for Detroit this week, but there's curiosity among the team on how London fans will respond to the NFL. The International Series has been popular enough in the UK for the NFL to expand the series to three games this season, Sunday's being the second of the year.

So far, the team is noting how knowledgeable fans here are about the team, the NFL and the game itself. Now, they'll get a chance to see what a normal afternoon is like on Sundays in America.

"Every time you get a chance to (make history), it excites you," wide receiver Roddy White said of playing the first afternoon game in London. "We'll be excited. Everybody will get an opportunity to watch us play, so it'll be nice. Everybody can see how the crowd is over here."

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