Behind the Jersey Number: Dwight Lowery

One of the many great sights on game days is watching countless Falcons fans fill the Georgia Dome and away venues wearing the jersey of their favorite player. We thought it was worth asking each Falcons player if there is a specific purpose for selecting the jersey number that he is currently wearing, such as Falcons safety Dwight Lowery.

Lowery is 12 games into his first year with the team, wearing his third different jersey number in seven NFL seasons, No. 20.

"My daughter, Amani, was born on the 20th of March," Lowery said. "I was hoping that if I was ever able to get back on a team that I would be able to wear No. 20 for her, and it happened to work out that way."

Before the Falcons signed Lowery in April, he was uncertain that he'd play again. Drafted by the New York Jets in 2008, wearing No. 34, he was later traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2011. Lowery wore No. 25 for the Jags, who released him in 2013.

When Lowery's wife, Ashley, delivered the couple's newborn daughter, perspective changed for the then-free agent. Known for his physical toughness and versatility on the field, Lowery admitted that becoming a father caused him to look at family, football and life differently, more appreciatively.

No longer with a team and wanting to provide for his family, he continued to work out for his next opportunity. Later signing with the Falcons, Lowery knew his latest jersey number was going to have far greater meaning than those he wore in the past.

"I learn something new from Amani every day," Lowery said. "She inspires me to continue to grow as a person. I've been all kinds of numbers, but this is the one of most significance."

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