Behind the Facemask: Ricardo Allen

Jay Adams: When did you actually put the ball down after that interception?

Ricardo Allen: Probably after prayer, so it was about 30 minutes later.

JA: Be honest. You showered with it, didn't you?

RA: Nah (laughs). I didn't.

JA: Any significance to your first name?

RA: Any significance?

JA: No family ties or anything?

RA: Nope, not really.

JA: Can you name any other famous Ricardos?


RA: Ricardo Lockette (wide receiver for the Seahawks).

JA: There we go. Anyone else?

RA: Nope.

JA: There's not many out there. You could really carve a niche with this whole football thing.

RA: Hopefully.

JA:We learned recently that your wife, Grace, studies film with you. On a scale of one-to-10, how much did you hit the jackpot?

RA: Ten.

JA: Do you have to pay her back by watching any romantic comedies?

RA: Yeah, man. Every now and then, she'll want to watch a movie or something. She'll sit there and study with me all night and I've got to watch like "The Bachelor" or something like that — "The Bachelorette".

JA: What's the one show she's made you watch that you actually secretly kinda liked?

RA: "The Bachelorette"

JA: Yeah? You got into that?

RA: Yep (laughs).

JA: So, what's a Boilermaker anyway?

RA: Some people say it's a drink, but it's actually the person who builds an engine on a locomotive.

JA: I imagine we're more familiar with the first option.

RA: Uh huh.

JA: What really grinds your gears?

RA: This might be weird: Questions.

JA: What's that? Questions?! So I'm grinding your gears right now?

RA:Not really, because it's an interview, but just a bunch of questions all the time, always having to answer questions.


JA: That's tough with the job you've got.

RA: I know, I know.

JA: Well, I appreciate you making this sacrifice.

RA: Anytime.

JA: You've got to kick out one member of N*SYNC — who's it going to be?

RA: I don't know N*SYNC.

JA: You don't know N*SYNC at all?

RA: Nope.

JA: That's good because everybody always says they want to kick out Joey Fatone just because he's a little chubby.

RA: That's messed up.

JA:That's what I keep saying. But everybody wants Joey gone. Anyway, what's one really cool secret that we need to know about your teammates?

RA: They're funny.

JA: Come on, you've got to give me something better than that.

RA: (Dezmen) Southward is pretty good at Mortal Kombat. He beats (Akeem) King all the time. And King got a flawless victory on (Kemal) Ishmael.

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