Behind the Facemask: QB Matt Ryan


Jay Adams: You're from the Philadelphia area, so before we go too far, let's get the cliches out of the way: Geno's or Pat's?


Matt Ryan: Neither. I go to Dalessandro's or Chubby's. They were right next to my high school.

JA: OK, you're wrong. Jim's is actually the right answer. Ever been to Jim's?

MR: I haven't had Jim's.

JA: South Street.

MR: Yeah, it's supposed to be really good.

JA: Give it a shot. How many times have you run up the Rocky steps?

MR: Probably a couple times on class field trips, so I'm going to say, like, three.

JA: Did Rocky just get lucky against Ivan Drago?

MR: Yeah. Ivan Drago was a beast, but Rocky had the heart of a champion.

JA: Who's got tougher traffic: Atlanta or the Philly area?


MR: By volume, it's Atlanta. In Philly, you don't have the six-lane highways going each way, but the Schuykill Expressway can be brutal there, too.

JA: What gets you through traffic? Music? Podcasts? Cussing at other drivers?

MR: A little bit of everything. I'm either listening to music, cussing at other people or talking on the phone.

JA: Speaking of music, you're a tough guy to peg down on the music front. What your genre?

MR: I'm all over. I'm eclectic when it comes to music. I like everything from rock, rap, classic rock — kinda anything that's on, I like listening to.

JA: How many Iggy Azalea songs do you have on your iPod?

MR: Probably more than should be. My wife keeps me current with some of the pop stuff.

JA: I tell people zero. You've gotta tell people zero.

MR: That's it. Zero!

JA:Fans have noticed you've stepped your fashion game up as of late. I think we know the credit goes to your other half for that, right?


MR: It's all Sarah (Matt's wife). She takes care of all that.

JA: What fashion tips would you give the non-quarterbacking male out there?

MR: Keep it simple. Yeah, keep it simple. Whatever your style is, stick to it, like don't try going to do a million different things.

JA: What about me?

MR: You? I like your style, man. It changes. It's very business casual when you're in the business setting. You pull it together on gameday. You look very classy on gameday.

JA:I keep it metal on the chin.

MR: I like this. If I could grow something, I would.

JA: Maybe in retirement.

MR: Yeah, that's never going to happen.

JA: Let's wrap it up with one secret about your teammates that everybody needs to know.

MR: We've got so many new guys. I've gotta learn some secrets.

JA: We've got to keep it G- or PG-rated, too.

MR: Our wide receivers love to play dominos on their phone. When they're not in the meeting rooms, they're playing against each other, playing dominos. There you go. There's a secret.

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