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5 things to know about Falcons' first-round pick Chris Lindstrom

ATLANTA – The Falcons drafted Chris Lindstrom with the No. 14 overall pick in the NFL Draft. The 6-foot-4, 308-pound guard out of Boston College will fill a big need for the Falcons along the interior of the offensive line.

We already know Lindstrom is athletic, strong, tough, gritty and competitive, but here are five things you might not know about Atlanta's newest linemen:

1. Don't challenge him to an eating contest of any sort

The big guy has got to eat, right? According to Lindstrom's post below, it appears he wouldn't be someone you would want to challenge to any eating contest.

2. Matt Ryan might need to help out his new offensive linemen on the golf course:

We all know how talented of a golfer Ryan is, but his new protector might need some tips on his swing from the Falcons quarterback. Lindstrom is new to the sport of golf.

3. How about these violent hands, though?

Good luck to the defensive linemen who have to deal with these hands.

*4. Football runs in his blood *

Lindstrom's dad, Chris, and his uncle, David, both played in the NFL. Chris played for the Arizona Cardinals for three seasons and David played for the Kansas City Chiefs for eight seasons. Chris was coached by his dad in high school at Shepherd Hill.

5. Lindstrom and Kaleb McGary developed a bond at the Senior Bowl

Atlanta's two first-round picks, Lindstrom and McGary, have already developed a friendship. Both were invited to the Senior Bowl and were two of the most impressive players throughout the week. In fact, McGary and Lindstrom actually talked about the possibility of getting drafted to the same team and what that would be like.

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