• Alexa G.

      Occupation: Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

    • Alexandria G.

      Occupation: Registered Nurse/Nurse Practitioner graduate student/Personal trainer

    • Allison L.

      Occupation: Realtor

    • Amy L.

      Occupation: Accounts Receivables, Credit and Collections Specialist

    • Annemarie Y.

      Occupation: IT Sales

    • Ashley M.

      Occupation: Barre Instructor and Dance Instructor

    • Brianna B.

      Occupation: Dance Teacher

    • Brianna S.

      Occupation: Admin for Project Management Team overseeing Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Yoga and Barre Instructor

    • Eiesha H.

      Occupation: Entrepreneur, Owner/Director of MADE Today, Inc. & PhD Student

    • Elyse

      Occupation: Executive Assistant

    • Emily

      Occupation: Legal Assistant

    • Jamie R.

      Occupation: Co-Founder of the James 1:27 Foundation

    • Jasmine F.

      Occupation: Therapist

    • Jenna M.

      Occupation: Health and Wellness Coordinator

    • Jess F.

      Occupation: Account Executive/Business Development

    • Kat M.

      Occupation: Project Manager for Piedmont Healthcare

    • Shana

      Occupation: Seamstress and Skincare consultant

    • Shanise L.

      Occupation: Administrative Assistant for UPS

    • Sydney H.

      Occupation: Fitness Instructor/Legal Assisstant

    • Taneshia B.

      Occupation: Senior Account Executive - SkyMiles Parternships at Delta Air Lines