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Headlines: Falcons 'Don't Have Any Major Holes'

Posted Feb 13, 2017

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Dimitroff: ‘We don’t have any major holes in this roster’ – Atlanta Journal-Constitution
General manager Thomas Dimitroff told reporters he doesn’t look at any one area on his team as a deficit.

Expect Falcons’ defense to reflect Manuel’s no-nonsense approach - ESPN
ESPN’s Vaughn McClure writes that Marquand Manuel’s passionate and serious personality will rub off on the Falcons’ defense in 2017.

Veteran Additions Propelled Offense in 2016 –
From headline-grabbing moves during the spring to a waiver claim in September, Atlanta's front office added the pieces necessary to make its offense a top-ranked unit.

Weatherspoon wants to stay with the Falcons after rehab – NBC Sports
Veteran LB Sean Weatherspoon said he wants to stay in Atlanta after he finishes recovering from his torn Achilles.

2nd-Year Players Make Big Strides in 2016 –
The Falcons' core of young, skilled players has given them a bright future, and the 2015 Rookie Club is a significant part of that group.