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Falcons Announce Captains for 2016 Home Opener

Posted Sep 9, 2016

The Falcons announced their captains for the regular season home opener and they are QB Matt Ryan, CB Desmond Trufant, DT Jonathan Babineaux, WR Eric Weems and WR Julio Jones

On Friday, the Falcons announced their captains for Sunday’s game versus the Buccaneers and they are QB Matt Ryan, WR Julio Jones, WR Eric Weems, DT Jonathan Babineaux and CB Desmond Trufant.

“We thought they would be a good group to represent us at the coin toss on Sunday,” Quinn said.

Weems and Ryan were selected as captains for the 2015 season, and it comes as no surprise that Babineaux, Jones and Trufant were added to the mix this year as all of have shown their leadership capabilities.

“It’s an honor and sign of respect,” Babineaux said of being named a captain. “I’m thrilled to be a captain for this team.”

What exactly are the responsibilities of a captain for the Falcons?

“Be accountable for everything,” Quinn said. “Making sure we aren’t losing sight of focus or the task at hand, and that’s winning on Sunday.”