The Atlanta Falcons Gatorade Junior Training Camp


The Atlanta Falcons Gatorade Junior Training Camp is a free program geared towards third through fifth graders that stresses the importance of proper football technique, promotes physical activity and proper hydration.

This one-day traveling camp can host up to 150 children and takes them through 4-5 football stations. Each camp begins with a brief pep talk and ends with a fun activity for everyone involved.

All the equipment and supplies are provided by the Atlanta Falcons and Gatorade.

Those interested should have an individual from your school (i.e., teacher, guidance counselor or principal) contact us regarding scheduling a camp. All inquiries should be made to Taylor Hough, or 770-965-2841.

Schools must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Each child participating must have a waiver form signed by a parent or guardian. The waiver forms should be collected by the designated point of contact and given to the Falcons staff member prior to the event. No child will be allowed to participate without a signed waiver form.
  • The school must provide 10 to 14 adult volunteers. Each volunteer must arrive an hour prior to the start of the camp to be prepped on the day’s activities and must be prepared to help with the entire execution of the program.
  • An open gym space

Myrissa Lindsey, Health and Physical Education Specialist at Wynbrooke Traditional Theme School in Stone Mountain, GA, had this to say about her experiences with the Atlanta Falcons Gatorade Junior Training Camps:

“With the growing emphasis on becoming a healthier society my task is to start with our youngest generation. The Atlanta Falcons Gatorade Junior Camps help to make this an easier task by giving the children an opportunity to merge the sport of football and exercise into one. I have participated in the Atlanta Falcons Gatorade Junior Camps for the last 4 years and my children look forward to it every year. Not only do they look forward to it but so do I (to see the joy and excitement on their faces is priceless). The children stay engaged the entire time and are always left begging for more.”