'USA TODAY' predicts Falcons return to the postseason but … 


In case you've been hiding under a rock, a lot of people in the media are pretty excited about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' prospects now that they've landed Tom Brady and his partner in crime, Rob Gronkowski.

A lot of the same folks are equally optimistic about the New Orleans Saints and their chances at landing a second Lombardi Trophy with Drew Brees and Co. In fact, Nate Davis of USA TODAY sees the Saints and Bucs finishing 1-2 in the NFC South in 2020.


Davis predicted records for all 32 teams a lot earlier than usual this year because, as he puts it, "these pandemic-driven times are anything but typical ... so, with the league's schedule now unveiled, I figured why wait given none of the 32 teams is likely to change appreciably between now and whenever camps open."

The good news? Davis has the Atlanta Falcons returning to the postseason after a two-year hiatus. He predicts that Atlanta will earn the NFC's second wild card spot with a 9-7 record due to its superior conference record compared to Philadelphia, Minnesota and Seattle. Davis also sees the Falcons advancing in the playoffs.

The key for the Falcons, Davis notes, is avoiding "another slow start given it must hit the road to face the Chargers, Chiefs and Bucs in December, which also includes home dates with New Orleans and Tampa Bay."

The bad news? Davis has the Falcons losing in the divisional round to … the Saints. He also sees the Buccaneers advancing past the divisional round, knocking off San Francisco, the defending NFC champs and facing the Saints in the conference title game.

It gets worse, though, for Falcons fans.

Davis writes that after adding Emmanuel Sanders and Malcolm Jenkins and drafting potential impact players (Zack Baun and Adam Trautman), the Saints have given Brees "one more golden opportunity to win the Super Bowl." And that's exactly what he's predicting, "barring another fluky playoff outcome."

As for who the Saints would face in the Super Bowl, Davis predicts the Ravens will top the Chiefs in the AFC and advance to Super Bowl LV in Tampa.

Predictions are fun and give people lots to talk about and debate by the (virtual) watercooler or over Zoom, but I need to at least see some preseason games first. A lot can and will happen in the next 95 days.

As for my predictions, ask me in late August.

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